December 04, 2008

Movie review

(ps...I am in love with this shot. Anyone else want to have a picnic here?!)

Since I've been raving about Australia for months without seeing it, I thought I should tell you what I thought after my trip to the theater last week. I'm happy to say, it did not disappoint.....

You must go see Australia on the BIG screen. MUST. It won't be the same on your screen at home. And don't believe all the so-so reviews floating around either.

Nicole Kidman was wonderful. Her outfits are stunning and perfect. She looks beautiful, which is something that I haven't said in a long time. And Hugh my friend Jenny said after seeing the movie, "I liked him before, but oh. my. goodness!" He is just fantastic. Wow.
But it's the little boy in the movie that will steal your heart. His eyes will pierce your soul.

It's beautifully shot, full of color and striking Baz Lurhman's artistic angles. Even if the story was horrible (it wasn't) it would be worth it to see the beauty of Australia.

I agree with IMDB's rating of 7.6. Worth the $8 matinee (gulp) ticket.

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