December 07, 2008

quick update

It is COLD here. And snowy.

My niece is so beautiful. She has tons of dark hair, almost more than her 1 yr old brother. And his hair is red. Kinda funny. She has really long fingers, too.

Luke can almost say my name. He's so cute. We can play together now and read stories and run around.

I'm reading Harry Potter again. #1 fit perfectly in my airplane carry-on, so that was the deciding factor for another reading. And there was HP movie marathon on TV last night. Coincidence, I think not.

I miss the water. I always do when I leave home. I miss the nightly sunsets over the river.

I'll try and post pictures soon depending on if my camera decides to talk to my mom's computer.


stephanie said...

just got caught up. hope you are having a great time with luke and evelyn! are they going to call her evie for short? loved all your friday finds this week. i've been getting into vintage lately too! i found a great antique mall with good prices close by. i'll take you if you ever make it out here. some good vintage clothing too. i almost bought a fur coat on saturday from there...but too worried about the anti-fur folks...i figured those fur were killed a LONG time what's the harm...but more important things to spend money on right now! :) i love the sugar scrub idea...i might try it as gifts this year if i can find affordable's warm here today. 50 but cloudy. my house is all decorated...but Christmas does lack something without snow. i'm NOT complaining though! i love that it's 50 and not dark! :) i hear you about hawaii soaking into your soul. you live in haleiwa and i'll live around the bend in Kailua (that's my kind of town :) ) don't forget...we ARE GOING TO SPEND a few weeks every winter there when we are old. just like the GOLDEN GIRLS but in HAWAII! so don't make any other plans cause i'm dead serious! :)

cottage girl said...

I love you, S. Can 30 be "old," cause I'm ready for our Hawaii trip THIS winter!!