December 15, 2008

Birthday wishes to my two bestest

He enters the "late 20's" today. How can this be? Just this past week, as I was playing cars with Luke I was thinking, I just did this with the Bro not too long ago.
I love this kid. He is simply the best brother on the planet. No, not your brother....mine. I always wanted a big brother to watch out for me and protect me. I never realized that when my little brother grew up, he would do the same thing. Every day I thank the Lord that he lives a short walk across the field from me. I know it won't last much longer, but I love every minute of it now.
Love you, my dear sweet baby brother!

This one had a birthday 10 days ago. I was too busy being with her to give her a proper birthday post then, so here you go, sis.
Being only 2 1/2 years apart, we were pretty tight. Shared bunk beds and clothes and hairspray. Now she lives too far away and visits are much fewer and far between. But I love her just the same. She knows if something is wrong just by the sound of my voice on the phone. She still knows how to make me crazy and laugh at the same time. It's been so fun to watch her babies show little signs of her in their facial expressions and mannerisms.
Love you, sis. You are the best little sister any girl could ever ask for.

And tomorrow, I will share with you the Hades that was yesterday, Sunday, December 14, 2008. Bet you can't wait for that one, can you?!

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