December 12, 2008

Friday finds - the short edition

This week I spent little time online because I was kissing little cheeks and playing cars and hyperventilating in fabric tunnels. The most time I spent on the internet was typing a post on my 10 favorite TV characters this year. The only other things I looked at were these:

My Yahoo - I'm a Yahoo girl. My Yahoo page is jam packed with my favorite sites and blogs. My go-go spot when I turn on the computer. I loooove it.

Hulu - I've stated before my love for Hulu and it's magical free TV. This week it came in very handy for all the shows I missed. Prison Break, Chuck, The Office and 30 Rock would have been missed with out it.

The CW - Two words....Chuck Bass (#1 on my list). Thank goodness the CW FINALLY decided to upload Monday's episode today. It was GOoooo-ooood. The kind that required repeat (10x's, no joke) viewings of several key scenes.

And finally, I didn't find this online, but I've been humming it all week because it's Luke's favorite part of his favorite show. He has to make sure that all of us spin in circles and do jazz hands with him. My mom, sister and I are already ready for another trip to Disney since he doesn't really remember us being there this time last year. I'm always game for more Disney World!

There will be more pictures to come of the munchkins. But for now, I'm going to sleep to try and get rid of this annoying headache that has plagued me since my mom and I drove over the "mountain" range between my sisters home and ours. I guess 10 hours in the car didn't help it any.

Have a great weekend, all!


Cottage Girl

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