January 29, 2011

the best part

I saw lots of cool things at Sundance. Movies, documentaries, movie stars, lots of snow, beautiful mountains. But by far, the best part about Sundance is being with my brother for a whole week. I have to gush over him for a minute.

1. He picked me up from the airport and dropped me off. This saved me about $200 in car rental fees. Plus, he skipped a movie Friday morning to take me to the airport. How sweet is that?!

2. He got me tickets to movies before I arrived. Just told me to pick 5 that I thought looked good and got them early before they were available to everyone else.

3. He called me every day when he was finished with work and asked what I wanted to do or got extra tickets to movies he was going to see or asked where I wanted to eat.

4. He introduced me to tons of his friends. This kid is way more popular than I will ever be. He knew people every where we went. EVERY-where.

5. He stood in line for 1.5 hours to get me a free ticket to The Greatest Movie Ever Sold. It was the last movie I saw at the festival. He already had tickets and knew that I wanted to go.

6. He got me a ticket to Another Earth and convinced me to go. It ended up being my favorite film of the entire festival.

7. He drove me around several times and rode the bus with me and let me take photos with him.

8. He laughed at me and told me I was being stupid when I needed to hear it.

9. He gave me hugs.

10. We had dinner dates. What 20 something brother is nice enough to go on dinner dates with his older sister? Not many.

11. He let me stay in his condo (Sundance puts him up in Park City during the festival so he doesn't have to commute every day) the first night I got there because my condo wasn't available yet.

12. He included me in his world, his life in Utah and seemed generally happy to have me there.

I'll be honest. I got teary-eyed leaving him yesterday. It was tough. I wanted to run after the car when he drove away and say that I would stay for another 2 months. I wanted to convince him to come back to the East Coast, even though I know he is so happy there and has built a great community/life. I wanted to instantly invent teleportation so that I could go back there this morning and ask him where he wanted to eat lunch today.

So, thank you dear little brother for all you did for me while I was visiting. I loved every minute I got to spend with you. You're the best brother in whole wide world.


Hanny said...

I've always wanted to go to Sundance! It's really wonderful to have a sibling that you're close too. My sister and I are really great friends too.

stephanie said...

SO GLAD you had such a wonderful week and that you had someone to share it with!

I'm sure your mom just glows with happiness to see her kids getting along so well! She probably remembers the days you didn't like they were yesterday! Ha!