January 20, 2011

The time has come

I'm off to do some of this:

Celebrity watching (Who will it be this year?!)
City bus riding (Free buses all over Park City. No rental car)
Walking gingerly on snowy sidewalks (did I tell you I slipped and fell on the ice this week? got the bruises to prove it.)
Reading (Mansfield Park, Anne, Wheel of Time)
Writing (3 journals cause I'm OCD)
Eating (so many yummy restaurants to visit)
Making new friends (The Bro is planning play dates for me)
Chatting (with whom is the question...)
Watching of independent movies (4 tickets in hand)
Watching of documentaries (1 ticket in hand and hoping for more)
Shaking off the cold (going from cold here to colder there)
Making my brother give me hugs (cause I love them and he hates them)

Will pop in when I can.


Allison Drew said...

AH! I hope you have even more fun this year than you did last year!

stephanie said...

have fun!

Gina said...

that settles it. if you go again next year, i am there.