January 13, 2011

Classic Movie Friday

After a brief discussion over how many classic movies we (especially I) haven't seen, my roommate and I put a new plan into action. Classic Movie Friday. Most Fridays, one of us (if not both) is working and stuck at home for the night after we finish work around 8pm. What better way to enjoy a night at home than with the classics.

Last week we began with a true classic.

It really was wonderful. Ingrid Bergman is so young and beautiful. I know her better from one of my all time favorite top 5 movies. And I can see why people gushed over Humphrey Bogart so much too. He's debonair in this role. Not really handsome to me, but dashing.

Then, since our library has a wealth of classics free for the taking, we watched another famous one.

For me, it was another one of those "ooohhh, that's why people love her" moments. She's fantastic in this role. I really loved this one. Funny and endearing and sad all rolled into one.

This weekend, I'm super excited for this one.

I started watching it on Netflix instant one night. I hit stop to finish it in the morning, but by then it had been kicked back into the "mail only" line. Boo. Can't wait to see the end. It's adorable. Marilyn is perfectly hilarious.

We have a list we will be working through this winter during the long cold months when we are trapped inside. It's written on our chalkboard wall in the kitchen. Friends like to add their favorites to it as well, which makes it feel like a group project. Plus, they like to come over and share in the fun too.

So, do you have any movies to add? What are your favorite classics? We still have room on the wall for additions and room on our couch for friends!

admission time: It's embarrassing how ridiculously, giddy happy this made me today. Seriously. I couldn't stop grinning for a long time. Um, yeah. I have issues.

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