January 19, 2011


Do you have these vile creatures in your house?

Are you killing bunches of them every day like we are?

Especially on days that reach above 40 degrees.

One of them smacked into my head today while I was watching TV in my living room. All I can smell is stink bug.

The worst part of it is, I can't find anything in my research that will get rid of them.

And I'm dreading the spring warm up and the plague that will ensue.


Our Family said...

We have a different version of the same bug. And of course lady bugs too. They drive me crazy! The kids don't like when we kill them, so we catch them and throw them into the snow. The kids think we're setting them free, but we know we're just freezing them. Ha Ha! Take that, bug!

Anonymous said...

I agree. They are the worst. I read that they are a new strain from China that has no natural predator here in the US. I get a cup with rubbing alcohol in it and toss them in there instead of squishing them. That way they don't smell.