January 06, 2011

I journal. Do you?

I was having a discussion with my roommate a while ago and I was asking her about journals. She said that she doesn't keep one. I was kinda shocked. Not that it's a bad thing, but I just can't imagine not writing down my thoughts. Not ever. How? Journaling is my sanity.

I've been keeping journals since...I was 11 or 12, I think. Some have lasted. Some are still around somewhere. It became a more serious thing when I got into college. I would keep two. One for every day stuff and one that was my Bible-time journal. Then after college the two became one.

I have a whole shelf full of my old journals. All different sizes and shapes. I don't back through them very often. I think it's the process of writing out my thoughts and getting them "out" of my head that is the most therapeutic for me. If I can get them out, then I don't feel as crazy in the head.

I think that's why blogging appealed to me so much. Writing. Getting my thoughts out of my head, not necessarily so a bunch of people can read them, but so I don't have them jumbled up all over each other in my head.

I go through phases. Sometimes I journal each and every day. My journals are flooded with scripture and tear stained ink. Writing is how I handle stress and frustration and sadness. I write my prayers, a lot. Reading back through those can be a little crazy. It is cool to see how God answers my prayers and how I have changed.

Right now, I have 3 journals. One for my Bible-time. It's for verses that God is speaking to me through and prayers of me talking to Him. The second is for a specific thing. I like having it all organized in one little Moleskin. The third is full of ideas and quotes and blog posts and a bazillion other random thoughts that pop into my head throughout the day. It stays in my purse or next to my bed for easy access.

So I'm curious...are you a journal-er? Do you write out your thoughts?

***the Smallville obsession continues. Now, I'm re-watching favorite parts (especially Oliver and Chloe's scenes) of the last 2 seasons. Oh, boy. I'm pathetic.


stephanie said...

I remember you journaling in college :) I didn't take it up until matt's most recent deployment and I was shocked how much it helped me to "get it out" (as you say) and move on. I didn't dwell, I wasn't as negative and I didn't complain or whine to him or anyone else as much as normal. I've kept going with it a year and a half later. I don't journal often- maybe several times a month- but it's always helpful.

I keep a record of cute sayings and memories of the kids. I have a plain notebooks for my rantings and ravings and I just bought a pretty beaded journal for my devotional/prayer journal.

cottage girl said...

I'm glad you don't think I'm crazy when I say "get it out." That's a hard thing to explain to some people. But, then again, you always did get me...that's why we've been besties for YEARS now. ♥

Our Family said...

I don't journal. I used to, but I always would start thinking about things and my hand couldn't keep up. It was frustrating to me. I do spend time every day though just thinking through things and having conversations in my head. I think that's my way to "get it out". I've done so many blog posts in my head too. They almost never make it to the screen though. It's kinda fun to see how we're different, isn't it? Same parents, but quite different indeed :)

cottage girl said...

I don't think I know that you didn't journal. Crazy. I'm also a "little" more OCD than you, too. Different...that's us.