January 24, 2011

Doc surprise

I didn't have any tickets for movies today. Kinda felt lost. No movies? What to do...

Then, The Bro got off work and called with happy news that he had scored some tickets to the Documentary shorts. Awesome. FREE tickets. Even more awesome.

The one thing I have really missed this year is doumentaries. Last year, all the movies I saw were docs except one. This year, it's been all scripted movies.

I love docs. Big time. I love that so many are available here. I'm excited to end my time here with docs galore.

The shorts were fantastic, and at one of my favorite theaters (the Temple). It's a beautiful, modern, brick and wood building. And there are big amazing windows looking out at the mountains.

It's always so neat to hear the Q & A's with doc directors too. The people who the movies are about are there most of the time too. It's a dream for someone like me who loves biographies.
Signing off cause I can't handle this phone keyboard for another minute,

Cottage Girl

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