January 22, 2011

Sundace brief

  • It's snowing like crazytown right now. Like CRA-zy. So I popped into the library to say hi.
  • So far, I've seen two movies and both were sad, depressing things. (think Revolutionary Road, but worse). The one this morning was well done, just so sad. Time to find something exciting and fun.
  • Well, Paul Rudd did sit in my row this morning at the movie. I think that was the highlight of the whole thing. He's adorable.
  • Last night, I saw Liv Tyler and Terrance Howard at a premiere. The movie wasn't great, but it was cool to see them.
  • Tonight, I'm headed to see a film about the Oregon Trail. Hopefully it will be a bit more cheery.
  • It's been fun to hang with The Bro. He knows so many people here. Cool kid.
  • Everyone here has an iphone.
  • My condo is nice. HUGE for me, but right behind the library and right next to great bus stops.
  • Ah, the buses. I love them. Free!
  • Sundance is so fun. Truly. I love the energy of all these people who love film and film makers.
  • I spotted a Banksy when I was wondering around Main Street yesterday. Just there, on the wall of the local coffee shop. Kinda geeked out a bit. Gotta go back and grab a photo when this snow clears up tomorrow.


Cottage Girl


tp said...

I am so glad you are having fun! Miss you, wish I were there with you a little, but glad to her it has been good :)
Also, I am anxious to see how the Oregon Trail was (if it was a bit cheery or not) because honestly, what's cheery about dysentery? just saying...

cottage girl said...

I really liked Meek's Cutoff. Not cheery, for sure. It was a slow moving, typical, indie film with a ambiguous/open ending that could drive you crazy or make you think. The bonnets and women's dresses alone were enough to make me want to sit there for 90 minutes. They were amazing.

And the fact that I ran into James Franco when I was leaving and he stared right at me...that was even more fun!

Miss you too. Wish you were here to take a photo-field trip day with me. It is so beautiful here!