November 17, 2005


I went to a place today called Arundel (sounds like Air-un-del even though it looks like Anne Arundel. I think this may be where the name of the county came from, but not sure). There was a beautiful castle and a couple really old churches there. Some of the original parts of the castle were built in 1067! The castle and grounds were closed for the winter, but we got to see it from the town.
Shannon drove us around in the Off the Fence car. No public transportation today. We drove through the amazingly,beautiful, English countryside. It was so green and there were tons of fields separated by tree lines. It looked alot like Prince Edward Island. There were lots of villages surrounded by fields.
Then we went to Devil's Dyke which is near Brighton. It's a huge hill that overlooks miles and miles of the countryside. You can see all the way to Brighton. There were lots of paragliders there because of the wind. We ate lunch on an old stone bench while watching the paragliders sail across the valley.
It was cold today, but clear again. The sun was out all day. Big blue sky. We had a wonderful day and are having a nice relaxing evening at home. Tomorrow, we have decided to stay in Brighton and go see Harry Potter!!!!! I really am just beside myself in excitement (did that sound British?). After seeing so much of England, I've been able to understand English stories better now. I can picture them. Peter Pan, Harry Potter, Winnie the Pooh, Sense and Sensibility, Emma. They all seem to make more sense and just have so much more depth. I love it here. It's so neat that this is my heritage too. Maybe that's why it feels so comfortable.
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