November 24, 2005

Scotland part 1

I had to check all this stuff in my journal cause the days seem to run together when you're on vacation....
We arrived in Scotland in the early afternoon/late morning. First impressions...absolutely brilliant (the English say this all the time and I'm tired of using the same words to describe things. I need a large vocabulary of descriptive words). The city is very old. The focal point is a large castle that sits on a HUGE hill over looking everything. We stayed in Old Town. It's kinda divided up into Old Town and New Town although new is still in the late 1700's. Hello, young America!
Shannon booked us in a hostel. (I must first mention that everything here is VERY expensive. That's only because of the exchange rate. Every price is just about doubled. So even though I paid £5 for dinner last night, it really cost me $10. And that's eating cheap. But it's so worth it.) We stayed at a hostel because they are so much cheaper than hotels. This was my first time (G, J and S's too) staying in a hostel, and let me just tell you what an experience it is. But I'm getting ahead of myself. We walked from the bus (from the airport to Edinburg) to our hostel with J lugging hers and G's HUGEMONGOUS suitcase up a mile long hill. From that moment we realized that she was our little energizer bunny on this trip. We found our hostel The Castle Rock. It was at the base of the castle in a perfect part of town for us. Hostel life isn't for the princess at heart though. We stayed in a dorm style room with 16 beds. The 5 of us weren't the most popular girls in our room. Let's just say, we aren't the most quiet bunch when together.
I could go on and on about the hostel, but it will take forever, so I'll skip ahead....
I'll actually post this and then tell you about Edinburg because it is magnificent.
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