November 16, 2005

everything worked out perfectly

Sometimes, the greatest plans are the ones you don't make. We discovered this today as we decided to make a trip to Windsor to see the castle of the Royal family. It was a 2 hour train ride away through the country sides of England. (the grass is vibrant green here. beautiful!) We hit every train just as it was coming into the station and never had to wait more than about 10 minutes. (huge blessing! God was "blessing" on us today!) We had several strangers help us with cheap tickets on the train (thanks ever so nice ticket lady in Hove...), a map from a stanger on the train, and a nice train conductor let us sit in the first class section because the train was full. (I was in Harry Potter world again with an actual person offering us goodies from the treat trolley on the train. I so desperately wanted to say "we'll take the lot" as Harry does in the movie.)
Windsor is a beautiful little town with lots of fun shops and cafes and historical sights. The castle was beautiful against the bright blue sky (another thanks, clear day, but cold). We also saw Eton college, which was fasinating. The boys have to dress in almost formal wear to class (coats with tails and bow ties). We happened to walk through that part of town when they were changing classes. It was really neat.
After eating lunch on a bench on the Thames (how often can one say that?!) we hopped back on the train and headed to London (free train ride because of our nice ticket lady earlier in the day). I stepped out of the station to see the London Eye, Big Ben, and Westminster Abbey at sunset. Seriously, best day for perfect timing. It was a quick taste of London. We were only there for about an hour ("spent an hour in London today" how many times can I say that one, as well?!!) and hopped back on the train and headed back to Brighton. I'm so excited to go back to London!!
We are going to places near Brighton tomorrow. A castle and something else Anna Beth has seen before. Then Friday we will go to London again since we will only get to be there for one day when G and J come. I want to see some stuff that won't be in our quick overview of the big stuff that we do with them.
Still enjoying England so much. Miss all my friends and family. Thanks for your emails and notes. It's great to hear from each of you. Here are some pictures to enjoy.....
Westminister Abbey. It was so HUGE that it couldn't fit in one picture.
I finally saw a red phone booth near the castle!
The changing of the guard (another perfect timing. 10 minutes after we got off of the train it went by and it only happens 2 times a day, every other day in November....) parade came out of this entry way on the left. Bagpipes and everything. AB was in heaven.
How amazing is this! I kept imagining I saw Peter Pan and Wendy, Micheal and John flying around Big Ben. It was incredible to actually be there....
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