November 14, 2005

Paris pics 2

Since I didn't take any photos today, thought I'd send some more of Paris since I have almost 200 to share. I went a little crazy with the photos, but now am so happy cause I can re-live so much of the trip!
The doors into Notre Dame.

The Arc de Triomphe. Amazingly beautiful and so much bigger that I thought.

This is a shop on the street where we ate dinner. I loved this section of town. It was full of shops and restaurants and cafes.

The metro signs were so cool! This was my favorite of the several types there were. It just looks like old world Paris to me.

The courtyard in the Louvre was probably my favorite spot. It went all the way around in a complete square and had a fountain too. Just look how small the people are in reference to the buildings around them. I was in awe and couldn't say anything when I first walked in because of how beautiful it was.

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Cabeto said...

Ummm great pictures!