November 04, 2005

through the "looking" glass

I've always seen life through a camera lens, be it video or still shot. When I see something beautiful or special, I immediately look for my camera to save it forever. I've never been into paintings or other such types of art, but show me some photography (Ansel Adams) and I'm hooked.

Was wondering why? What is it that makes me want to freeze something in time? Why do I see small sections of life when so much of it is going on around me? When think about the future, I think about it in snap shots. Pictures of the big events in my life in a photo album.
I guess that's what makes "art". When someone sees something in a different way than just simply observing it.

This is what I want to capture on my trip. Not just stand back and shoot the picture of the place, but "see" it. When I (or even someone else) looks at the pictures, I want them to experience it like I did when I was there. The question is, how do I get that on film?
Maybe in Paris and London, I will find my style, my sweet spot with my camera. Here's hopin'....
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