November 09, 2005

I love ya, tomorrow, only a day away....

It's here. Seriously. I leave tomorrow.... There's a million last minute things to do. Phone calls to make (if I die in a plane crash, everyone has to know I love them and that I was thinking of them). Clothes to wash (in spite of the water at home that is yellow and full of iron at this moment). And I almost left my prized possesion at a retreat center yesterday....I think I would have cried over that for weeks. Thank the Lord that He was watching out for the little things or I would have had no pictures from my trip. Oh, the packing to be done.
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summerbreeze said...

Cottage Girl, how poetic you are in your writings!!! I've known you were a romantic, but I didn't realize how that came out in your writing...I'm so happy that you are off to Paris!!!! Congratulations! I am off to FL for Dani's wedding this weekend. Have a safe trip and Have fun!!!