November 24, 2005

More views of the beautiful land...

William Wallace's monument. He is honored very greatly here. The movie Braveheart is pretty much accurate with what really happened. His sword is in the museum in the monument. It's over 5ft 5 in tall. Taller than me! He was about 6ft 6 inches. The monument is beautiful and well done. I didn't go inside to the museum though. Everything costs a fortune to go in here.
The battlefield where William the Bruce (also in the movie) finally wins independance after Wallace is killed. The mist was heavy when we first arrived and began to clear as our tour guide explained what had happened there. Very chilling. You could feel the history alive around you. And it was a photographers paradise.
Edinburg Castle at night. Another reason I love it here. They light up their monuments at night. This was taken not to far outside our hostel door. You had to look almost straight up to see it. Didn't go in though because it was another expensive charge to do so. But I thought the view from the outside was worth it! Tomorrow we are off to London. Hopefully it will be nice, but they are calling for snow! It's freezing (literally below that) right now. We are going to do the hop on hop off tour bus before coming back to have and American Thanksgiving dinner with Shannon's friends.
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