November 24, 2005


Sorry to everyone who has been waiting for an update. I've been in Scotland since Sunday and we haven't been able to get on the internet. I'm going to break up the last few days into a couple of entries since it may take a while. I'll also try to add pictures later tonight. (it's 4:20 here and just about dark too)

Anna Beth and I spent a relaxing day on our own while G and J came flew in. We went shopping at The Lanes in Brighton and spent a couple hours reading and relaxing in a Borders. I think I was most proud of us that we managed to figure out the bus system all by ourselves.
After the other two got in, we sat around and talked until the evening when we went to dinner at Paul and Wendy's house. Paul is the guy in charge of Off the Fence, the organization that Shannon volunteers with. By the time we left dinner, G and J were about comatose because of jet lag (once again, so thankful that God chose to let me skip jet lad while in Paris!!). We got back to Shannon's and then left for our respective houses. Anna Beth and I are staying with a really nice family about a 20 minute walk away.
We had to get up early the next morning (at the bus by 5:15amEnglandtime/12:00midnight EST). Needless to say, we were all a bit tired the next day.
Gonna stop here and post this. Will add Scotland next......
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