November 24, 2005

Edinburg aka "Edinburo"

We stayed right in the center of old town Edinburg. The Scottish call it "Edinburo." Who would have known? The city is just so beautiful. For some reason, I expected all the cities I vistited over here to be the same. Total lie. They are all so distinctly different and interesting and fun in their own way. Edinburg is probably my favorite city, but tied for first with Paris. The buildings are all stone. Big tall building, but not sky scrapers. It's not overwhelming either. We walked everywhere. And there were lots of places to eat. (good for MommyGina) Once again, if it wasn't for the exchange rate, we would have lived quite cheap.
The people, for the most part except for choice few restaurant workers, were very nice. Their accent in hypnotizing. In the background of the city is mountains covered in heather and the water too.
My favorite place in the city was The Elephant House. It's a cafe and so cute. We had breakfast there one morning. The coolest thing about it? It's the place the J.K. Rowling wrote her first Harry Potter book. You can see why. It had so much atmosphere.
Will write more next about Loch Lomond (my favorite place in Scotland)....

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