November 13, 2005

friends in paris

Shannon, Rachel nor Ronny had read The DaVinci Code, so they didn't understand the significance of this spot!!! I just wanted to see the inverted pyramid. This picture doesn't show how HUGE it is!

Outside of the Louvre. We were freezing at the end of the jump on and off bus so we went to get something to warm us up. Oh, Starbucks. Even in the ancient city...
This was one of my favorite spots that we saw on the bus tour. We got back to the here in the evening and stayed to watch them turn on the lights at the Eiffel Tower. We met a couple from NY who took this picture for us.
Notre Dame bell tower. This tiny door leads to where the giant bell is. It's in a room full of wood that is 100's of years old. Shannon and I went here this morning before we had to leave to catch our flight to England. It was quite a hike up a 1 way spiral staircase.

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