November 10, 2005

insert john williams "hook" theme here

So, today is THE day. I leave in 4 hours. The fun part? I've got a cold and not feeling great. Here's hoping that I sleep the whole way and wake up a new, well person. Paris is waiting!!! I've got lots of sights to see when I land. I've been praying non-stop that my eardrums won't burst on the flight. Doesn't that just sound terrifying?!!
Thank the Lord that He knows the reason behind why all this is happening cause I'm ready to curl up on my comfy bed and sleep/cry right now. I'm just reminded over and over that my best layed plans are still nothing compared to His providential one. I've been so focused on myself lately that I needed a little lesson in how blessed I really am to be going on this trip.

(I named this entry the above title because it reminds me of flying and being so happy and excited about life. That's how I feel right now even though it may be a bit deep inside at the moment.)
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