November 14, 2005


Today was a wonderful, relaxing day in Brighton, where Shannon lives. It's right on the Channel in the southeast side of England. We went shopping and just walked around the town. Everyone rides the public bus here. And they are double decker buses, too. If you ever come to Brighton, pay your £2.90 to ride for the day and sit on the top in the front seat and just watch the town go by. Lovely.
This was the first morning that I slept in. In Paris, we got up every morning to get to the city early to see everything there was to see in the 2 days we were there. I haven't really had jet lag at all. (praise God) Paris was 6 hours ahead of home, so I was expecting to be so tired. I slept on the plane on my way over here and then stayed up till about 1:00 the night I got here. Got up at 6:30 Paris time (1:30am EST) and was totally fine all day. The hardest part is falling asleep at night, but it's not so bad. So thankful for that. ANYWAYS, I digress...
It was a fun day. I went to visit Jez, Nancy (Shannon's roommate) and Shannon's friend. He lives in a flat (by the way, I'm loving the English accent and words all around me!!! It's fantastic!) right on the Channel. He has a huge window that over looks the water and we watched the sun set over the water and chatted and had tea and coffee. So relaxing and so nice.
Anna Beth comes in tomorrow really early, so I'm going to Gatwick with Shannon to pick her up. Then we will do whatever. Haven't decided if it will be Ireland or just stay in England and do stuff here like Stonehenge. I'm just still loving being here and enjoying this culture so much. It feels very familiar. I hear my Grandma's voice (she's from England) in the conversations around me. And I love all their unique expressions. Maybe I'll be able to pick up on some and use them when I get back. I keep trying to get Shannon and Nancy to explain them to me so I will use them properly. Sorry, didn't take any pictures today (shocker, yes, I know. especially with the sunset, but just didn't).
(Miss you, friends and family. Send me an email or sign the guestbook and let me know how all of you are doing in America.)
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