October 07, 2008

31 things

Since she's been my mom for 31 years:

Things I love about you, Momma....

  1. A prayer warrior
  2. Kind
  3. Loves Jesus
  4. Taught me the importance of travel
  5. Gave me your skinny/thin genes
  6. Creative in so many ways. Quilting, sewing, cake decorating, photography...
  7. Loves dogs, which meant we always had one growing up.
  8. Caring and compassionate.
  9. Thinks of others first.
  10. Amazing card and letter writer.
  11. Never forgets a birthday.
  12. Has always looked young for her age and passed that down to me too!
  13. Loves her kids immeasurably.
  14. Good with money and made sure I was too as I grew up.
  15. Made me learn to do my own taxes.
  16. She still loves when any of her kids come home for a visit and has a bed always ready.
  17. Amazing cook and baker.
  18. Always had a homemade meal, complete with veggies every night.
  19. Loves to hike and be outside.
  20. Never gets tired of Disney World, in fact loves it!
  21. Still married to my dad after all these years.
  22. Still holds hands with my dad when they walk.
  23. Ingrained in me that church is important.
  24. Read stories out loud to us when we were younger.
  25. Takes me on trips with her.
  26. Calls just to say "I love you."
  27. Loves camping in a camper and not tents.
  28. She goes to SCC concerts with me and loves them as much as I do.
  29. Loves chocolate, especially Hershey's dark chocolate.
  30. Help put me through college.
  31. Gives me hugs whenever I see her.
Hope you had a happy birthday!

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