October 30, 2008

no, not today

No, I didn't sit with my feet propped up all day. I wasn't in warm fuzzy slippers soaking in the last few warm rays of Fall sunshine. I wasn't staring at the water as it sparkled and shimmered.

I didn't sip water out of a wine glass just because I want to.
Cause it makes me feel fancy.
Side note: does anyone else remember that episode of Arrested Development when GOB wore the "fancy eyebrows" he stole from the man with Alopecia? That's what that sentence reminded me of. Sigh...I miss that show....

I didn't wear this outfit 2 days this week. Although I am thinking of wearing it tomorrow cause I've got some special plans for the evening. Special, fantastic plans.
However, I won't get to wear my squishy slippers that my roommate gave me last year for Christmas. Wouldn't it be nice if you COULD wear your slippers out in the big wide world though.
Side note: Does anyone else have outfits that they create on whim and then want to wear everyday for a week? Is that just me?

I did NOT sit on my porch and write in Story Journal #2 today. My ideas didn't come spilling out through my pen.
I had previously filled up my first story journal with a story (duh), but ran out of paper. I covered an old camp "lost and found" journal with vintage paper and my elsiecake embroidery patterns, which are just too lovely.
Side note: I love writing by hand rather than typing. Yes, I do write my blog by typing, but I would LOVE to hand write it first. Just too time consuming. Stories just ask to be written with a pen a paper.

No, I didn't sip water out of a wine glass today. I WANTED to. I really did. Work was on the agenda instead. Busy, busy little bee I was. But I dreamed of days like this.
Side note: Somehow drinking water out of a wine glass is just so lovely. Since I don't drink any type of alcohol, I don't usually get to use these fun glasses that are in my cupboard. But recently I decided to start drinking water out of them to feel fancy. (see above for "fancy" reference)

What did you NOT get to do today?


Katie's Story said...

I LOVE drinking water out of wine glasses too! I do it all the time.
I didn't get to bake a giant chocolate cake and eat the whole thing:)
I didn't go to the outlet stores and find lots of great deals.
I didn't hop on a cruise boat ready for a relaxing vacation.
Oh, and I didn't sit in my pj's all day and watch love story movies.
Oh well! I will go to trunk or treat tonight with my little guy and get some candy! YUM!
And I wanted you to know that I finally saw HSM last night and thought it was fun! JD- not so much!

Gina said...

I did not have a jammie day today, though I REALLY wanted to. And I didn't work out, though I really should have. I sometimes drink my water out of fancy glasses too :) I didn't go some place with you that I would have loved to. I am thinking about you tonight as I know you are being blessed tremendously. Hope you post all about it!