October 06, 2008

Before & After

A few weeks back I mentioned that I wanted to do a before and after post. To the few of you who asked to see, these are for you.

These are all processed on Photoshop CS3. They were created using...honestly, I can't remember what I did. I know there is some Totally Rad Actions (the free trial actions cause I never bought the whole shabang collection. Couldn't spend the $$ right now). Probably some of Mariah's Vingette (I ADORE this action. It's my "go-to" when the photo need a little something.) And then it's a little playing with this and that.

So, here you go. The original is on the right and the "after" is on the left.

***Links to the actions I mentioned are on the right in the sidebar marked "My Bag of (photo) Tricks"

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