October 18, 2008

lovely Fall day

(photo from Nov 07)

Sometimes I like to list out my day to see everything that I got to do. I want to remember what a lovely day today was.
  • The weather was cool. A little too cool for my liking, but nice.
  • I got to spend time with my parents.
  • My dad and I did a barter/swap today. He fixed my car brakes. I'm watching their dog in a couple weeks. Sweet.
  • The drive to my parents and back home is full of Fall colors.
  • I took an amazing nap. 15 minutes of dreams. Waking up and feeling much better. Love short naps like that.
  • I found Mary Poppins and Alice in Wonderland on VHS for $1 each at a yard sale. Been wanting to see both lately.
  • A photo shoot with a friend and his new fiance. So much fun. They are so sweet. Thanks for asking me guys!
  • A birthday party for a little friend whom I adore. Her smile literally makes my day brighter.
  • Talks with friends. I love my little community here so much. It hits me sometimes how blessed I am to be surrounded by these amazing friends whom I love so dearly. Truly blessed, that's me.
  • Still writing my little story and loving it so much.
  • Taking a few moments to just say "thank You, Father" for those moments when I feel His presence and see His love evident in my life.
I hope you all have days like this. I am humbled by my Father's love for me today. His grace. His immeasurable mercy. He is more than enough for all of me.

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The Littlest Birdie said...

you are so beautiful april.