October 05, 2008

forgive me for more TV talk

I'm finally caught up on on all the TV I missed while I was gone on vacation. I know, tough job, right? If only I could find an actual job watching television shows and writing about them. Then I wouldn't bore all of you with my mindless drivel of this show or that character.

But since this is my only outlet, I shall continue to drivel and ask you to just grin and bear it. I have to feel like I use that college major sometimes. Did you all know that I majored in production? Yup, I did. Four years doing camera work and editing and writing scripts.

Anyway, now that I'm caught up on all the shows I WANT to watch. There are a few that have fallen by the wayside that I probably won't pick back up this year. Lost (I missed the whole second half of last season and still don't care that I haven't seen it), Heroes (did anyone else think last season was just TERRIBLE!), Sarah Connor Chronicles (didn't really love it last year and never finished the season).

So, after catching up and watching a bunch of episodes on Hulu and other station websites I chose this as my favorite moment.

Now there were plenty of good moments to choose from. Lots of great episodes and fun character moments. But this little one made me "rewind" and repeat about 3 times in a row. But I always was a sucker for that Jim Halpert (again with the skinny, funny, brown/messy haired, dorky boys. Just add him to the list...).

But I do have to say, and I'm almost ashamed to admit, that the show that is still keeping me glued to the screen during each episode is....gulp...I can't believe I'm saying this....Gossip Girl.

Yes, I'm serious.

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