October 17, 2008

Friday Finds

I want to make one of these. This one is pretty too. I always get in a knitting mood once it turns cooler. During the summer, no thanks!

I want to figure out how to do my hair like this. I used to do all kinds of fun things with my hair. Now it's BORING.

My heart was a little lighter after seeing this sweet post. What an amazing, God-loving man he is.

My favorite post this week of all the blogs I read. Hula Seventy is always, always inspiring. I adore her photos and her words.

Now, you all know I love Battlestar Galactica, but I don't know that I love it this much. How crazy is this! Oh, and let the countdown begin to new (and last) episodes!!!

I saw the book The Hunger Games recommended on Stephanie Meyer's (author of Twilight books) website and it looks like a fun read. Always looking for one of those.

These photos, 1 & 2, from a Flickr contact made me miss Hawaii. They aren't miniatures. The shots were taken with a tilt shift lens, which gives them that cool effect.

I love this jewelry I found by way of decor8. A Fine Romance, The lady is a tramp and time for Adventure are my favorites. The artist's name is Kristen Townsend. Also, the "magazine" she is featured in is really cute too.

Found a new destination to visit. This Cottage Girl needs to live here, don't you think? It looks so magical....

Have a great weekend everyone! I'll be busy doing a photo shoot (hi, Rob!), going to my little friend's 1st birthday party and going to my childhood home because my dad is fixing my car's breaks (thanks, Daddy-O!). Plus I may try to fit a few yard sales in because they are everywhere this time of year! Happy Fall!

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The Littlest Birdie said...

i love the necklaces you found. inspirational. and happy autumn to you too.