October 12, 2008

which movie to choose

Why does the weekend have to fly by so quickly? Mine seemed to disappear way too fast. Of course, I did work for half of it, so that may be why.

I did get to the movies for the first time since I saw X-Files in July. Body of Lies was the picture of choice this time. I liked it. However, I enjoy Leo, whom I know some people don't. But I think he's a superb character actor. The Aviator, Blood Diamond, Titanic, Romeo and Juliet, Gilbert Grape. Sorry to all of you who disapprove, but I enjoy seeing him create a new character. IMDB rated it a 7.9. I agree.

And speaking of rating a movie....
Yesterday, when The Bro and I decided to go to the movies, we did the "which one are we going to see" debate. Now up until this month, there hasn't really been anything that I would pay $10 to see. But this weekend we had several good options. Nick and Nora's Infinite Playlist (I miss George Michael-aka Michael Cera), Flash of Genius, Body of Lies, Appaloosa. All with the possibility of a great story.
It all came down to The Bro determining factor. How did they rate on imdb.com? This goes into a lot of decisions for which movies we see. MOST of the time it's pretty accuarte. For instance, its number one of all time is The Shawshank Redemption, which I would agree is a fantastic movie in the great world of movie making. Maybe not my favorite of all time, but a superb story and wonderfully acted.
IMDB is voted by actual viewers too and not movie critics, which drive me crazy at times. I would rather know what 10 of my friends think rather than some guy who watches movies day and night, wouldn't you?

The other movie I saw was from 2005. A documentary called Why We Fight. I started it while ago, but finally watched the whole thing tonight. Very interesting. It's about the war in Iraq and really just wars and America in general. IMDB gave it a 8.1. Again, I agree.

So, if you are every trying to decide what to watch...whether it's something you are going to pay $10 to see or just another title to add to your Netflix (I don't trust their ratings much. Been led astray too many times.), do what The Bro makes me do. Check IMDB.

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