October 01, 2008

not what you want to have happen when you are pulling a travel trailer down interstate 95

A flat tire on the trailer. My mom was terrified that my dad was going to be killed. The giant semi-trucks go barreling past him at 75 miles an hour shaking everything around them. Yeah, it was kinda scary. Thankfully, my dad is an expert tire changer and we had a spare. 15 minutes and we were back on the rode to Charleston.

This was the scene back in the truck. "The Beast" as I like to call my parents spastic dog was freaking out that she was stuck in the truck.

Note the ENORMOUS green suitcase that I brought on this 9 day trip. It was about to burst. Now under usual travel circumstances, I can pack like the best of them. I pack REALLY light when traveling especially when I have to fly. This time, I had no restrictions, so I threw in everything and didn't plan it out and, good gracious, I had way too many clothes. But I knew I wouldn't have to cart them all over 5 airports, so I gave myself grace. I unpacked this thing in to the wardrobe in the camper and everything was good to go.

Also note the red fleece jacket on top of the green suitcase. This is my favorite, go-to warm layer in the world. And it is NOT really suitable for out of the house wear anymore. I got it for $4. My sister and I had gone into the mall, deciding that we were not going to wear coats IN because it's always warm in the mall and then you have to carry around said coat. Then the temperature dropped while we were in there and it turned bitter cold. We both decided that we had to buy something to save us from a cold death. This little red number was my $4 clearance purchase. I love it.

the end....

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