October 28, 2008

more evidence of my "i like random" weirdness

Do you ever wonder what is going through the librarian's mind when you go up to the desk with your stack of books? I sure do. Does she judge my book selection? Does she think "what in the world is this girl reading this for?" Does she make a mental checklist to try out something in your stack that she'd never seen before? I ponder these things.

Yesterday, in my wonderful day of nothing to do but hang out with myself, I spent a good long while at the local library. After hunting around for a good long time, trying to find something else to read this was what I came up with. I really, really wished that it was 4 years ago and I was picking up Harry Potter for the first time and discovering a whole new world to fall in love with. I didn't find anything like that, and a couple of the things I wanted were out on loan already.

I noticed what a weird, strange, diverse mix of goods I ended up with.

a graphic novel (this is #3. I read the first two while standing in Borders cause I didn't want to spend the $ on another book. I. am. cheap.) I'm really enjoying this series. Very creative.

politics and Jesus (another Shane Claiborne book. i really liked Irresistible Revolution)

an Oscar classic
(although I think the book is better, no make that amazing! Good movie though. I get a hankering for it sometimes.)

Gwenyth Paltrow's best roll
(my sister and I watched this movie about 20 times when we first discovered it years ago. Sometimes a girls just needs some Jane Austen, you know?)

a Russian classic (cause I still feel the need to read it)

Such a random mix. Sorry you had to share the stack with a comic, Tolstoy.

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Audrey said...

Oh, if only there were more books like Gone with the Wind! My all time favorite!!! Although I must say that Rhett Butlers People is a REALLY GOOD READ!!! It fills in so many mysteries about him and who he was.