February 10, 2010

read, read, read

Yesterday, I finished Coraline. Still haven't seen the movie, but I kinda wanted to read the book first. SO GOOD! One of the coolest/most unique/scary stories I've read in a while. So delightfully creepy.

I'm trying to post this while we still have power. We have a major blizzard going on here at the moment. High winds, snow, white-out conditions. It's really miserable. I just have this horrible feeling that the power will be out, which means it will get COLD! Brrrr! And then there is the 16 inches of snow (more!) that we are getting. All that shoveling the last 3 days....I don't want to do it again!


Kaley said...

so this is a book too? Or just a graphic novel? I read Stardust by Neil Gaiman and I liked it even though it had some explicit scenes in it.

cottage girl said...

It says it's adapted from his book. Is that Stardust that they also made a movie of? I didn't know he wrote both.
ps...I'm so jealous of you warm weather right now!

Kaley said...

They are one in the same.

PS I hope you live through the white out!