February 19, 2010

I heart The Commons

I don't think I'll ever get tired of hunting around The Commons. You just never know what you'll find. Here's the latest gems....

People used to mail their kids. Seriously! It happened a couple times before the postal service put a stop to it.

Speaking of mail carriers, check out this crew. Feels kinda like Young Riders. I wish men still wore hats....

Palmer's Mystery Hike. I love the real joy and fun in their smiles. ps...those mystery hikes sound like one of the coolest things ever. Wish I could have been there or find something like that today.

That mustache looks exactly like my mustache stamp. Perfection.

The Walcott family camping trip. Details to love...the girl peaking around her mom. The tablecloth on the make-shift table. Those mountains in the background.

I'm fascinated by the American Indians. Tragedy in epic proportions. Imagine seeing the Americas as they did. Without cities or cars or houses or pollution.

Ethel and Mildred about to throw down. There is just too much going on in this one that I love. The hats. That large cup in the bottom right. The window almost covered in ivy.

This artist, Francis Davis Millet, died when the Titanic went down (scroll to comments). Learned that in The Commons. It's a treasure trove of wisdom and facts.

And finally...the award for the best facial hair goes to Peter Cooper. He built the very first steam locomotive. Love those sweet glasses, too.

***the weekend is here. What to do? Olympics (half-way over...so sad), get out the warm clothes for an upcoming trip (!!), find a hotel for NYC trip next month, knit, catch up on Friday Night Lights, church, random adventures.


Allison Drew said...

These are incredible.

Katie's Story said...

Whatever on the warm clothes comment... ;)

And if we could still mail children I would seriously consider sending you a few surprises... for a couple days at least.