February 07, 2010

craft corner

What better way to spend your snowed in days then making fun crafty projects, eh?

Since the last 2 days (minus the 8 hours I was in a meeting at work) have meant being cooped up at home...not that I mind in the least...I decided to work on a couple projects I haven't had time for lately. Some of them I can't share yet, but here's one that was quick and easy that anyone can make!

I got the idea when I was hunting around Flickr and blogs for bunting and valentines garland. I kinda tweaked it a little to make it my own.

First step was to cut out the hearts from an old Reader's Digest book. We had a bunch donated to camp and I snatched them up before they could be thrown away. They've been used for a million different things. Such a great find.

Then I made a heart stamp out of a foam meat tray. I've been saving them for a few months now so I could make some stamps. It's super easy and they work so well! I just used a foam brush to add some paint and ta-da! Stamp. (the mustache is for another secret project)

They looked like this after I stamped each one with a heart a little smaller than the cut-out heart.

Once they were dry, I stitched them together on the sewing machine. Super easy. Only problem was my finicky machine that gets tangled so easily. But I really loved the way they turned out.

I hung two strands up with masking tape by my bedside table. That way I can enjoy them for the few days left before Valentine's Day.

I've never been a big celebrater of Valentine's day, but I do love making little things for my closest ones. I'm working on some Valentine's for this year that I hope I can finish.

There are so many great ideas out there to be inspired by. So many more than I actually have time for, but that's ok. Here's to a fun snowed-in afternoon of creating!