February 27, 2010

beach = love

I love the beach. It's always my first choice for vacations. I love the hot sun, the sand, the ocean waves, the crystal blue water. It's soothing and meditative for me. I can write there. I can breathe easier there. We just fit together well, the beach and I.

That being said, I'm leaving you for a few days. My mom and I are taking a trip to the beaches of the Caribbean. Warm weather in the midst of this horrid winter....it's magic, I tell you.

I'll try to pop in by cell phone posts when I can. I did write some posts that will go up while I'm gone, too. Other than that, I'll miss you....but I'll be quite happy at the beach!


Allison Drew said...

That sounds like an amazing vacay. I for one am not a huge beach fan. It might have something to do with growing up in florida. When you like 30 minutes away it just isn't as special.

cottage girl said...

I can't imagine not loving the beach! I swear it holds some sort of magic spell over me.