February 21, 2010

the ends of the earth

God blesses us so the ends of the earth will know Him.
Ps. 67:7

God has been impressing this thought upon my heart for about a year now. He is showing me how to use these blessings He has given me. And using them isn't to buy myself a new this or a better that. It is to sponsor another kiddo in Uganda or China. It is to give my time (one of my most treasured possessions) away to someone who needs it in an act of service. It is letting go of what I think I am entitled to. Then, when I am empty, the ends of the earth will see HIM.

The funny thing is that the more I give away, the more I find that I have to give. Shouldn't it be the opposite?! Not only that, but it becomes a greater joy each time. Living with the mindset that "nothing is really mine in the first place" is forever changing me.

I'm no where near perfect. I still mess up so very often. I'm still so selfish and self-focused most of the the time. But God is so patient with me as He continues to teach me what it is like to live with eternal perspective and open hands.

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Kookie said...

Thank you for that reminder and challenge. God increases as we decrease.