February 06, 2010

says a lot about you

The other day, I got in a discussion about favorite movies with a group of friends. I realized how much someone's favorite movies say a lot about them. Their likes, their personality, them.
My friend's movies seemed to say quite a lot about them. Saving Private Ryan (retired military, Peace Corps-retired), Must Love Dogs (funny, romantic, dreamy), Field of Dreams (funny, quirky, imaginative) to name a few. So interesting.

Today I was working on my valentines. Got the idea from Elsie and then this idea. I started looking for photos to trace. I came upon these and they just made me so happy. Just had to share.

I heart their outfits in this movie. The white and blue. Their coats and her fun hair. And then there is the great dialog between these two. Sigh....I know it by heart and still love it. I could watch it 100 times...more than 100 times I already have.

What do you think this favorite of mine says about me?

ps...it's snowing like a Dicken's story here. Blizzard like. And I'm sitting in a meeting all day. But then again, I won't be able to leave camp for days at this rate.


Filia Dei said...

Strong but a romantic at heart. Do you like Jane Austen?

cottage girl said...

I LOVE Jane Austen! Very true statement for me. Thanks!

december.rose said...

i'm sara the one who drew han and leia. i love those movies so much it's ridiculous. I grew up watching them and indiana jones. so great! thanks for linking to me.

and here is my blog incase you are interested!

cottage girl said...

Sara, I loved your drawings! Thanks for the inspiring ideas. ps...your blog is adorable!