February 20, 2010


Remember when I went to Sundance a few weeks ago? I sure do. I've been re-living it in my head over and over. It was one of those almost out of body experiences where you pinch yourself to make sure it's really happening. It exceeded my expectations. I had the best time.

Anyway, I decided to watch Serenity today because #1: it's one of my favorite movies #2: it has one of my favorite ensemble casts of all time #3 I've watched all the Firefly episodes a few bazillion times and needed the end-cap again #4 I just finished the series finale of Dollhouse and needed a Joss fix. It could have also been that I saw Alan Tudyk at Sundance.


He was so adorable. My roommate and I (she's a Joss fan as well) wanted to go and talk to him so badly, but we chickened out. And he was talking to this little camera crew for a while too.

Here's a little bit of the fun and quirkyness that is Alan Tudyk aka "Wash." I still can't believe that I saw him in person. He may have been my biggest "oh, my gosh!!" moment of star spotting.

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