February 10, 2010

Round 2

No sooner had I posted that last entry and then.....our power went out. Thankfully (and quite shockingly!) it came back on 4 hours later. Thank goodness cause it's was getting mighty cold in our Cottage. I spent the morning in bed under 6 blankets with slippers, gloves and fleece jacket to round out my ensemble today. Quite fashionable, eh? I think the 20 inches of snow already surrounding the house helped keep it a little warmer than when our heat went out a week ago, but still...COLD!

It's a mess outside. I haven't even ventured out to shovel off our front deck. Our door may not open, but it's just to horrible out there I don't want to brave the elements. Maybe now that the power is back, I'll be able to warm up if I go out.

It's now illegal to drive you car anywhere. Everything is shut down. We've gotten about 14 new inches of snow with more coming down by the second. And the wind....it's just plain scary! I literally howls and screeches. The snow is coming down sideways. Sigh....winter is just ugly this year!

Sorry for all the weather talk. I just want to remember this craziness for years to come! Hope you are all warm and comfy where you are.


Kaley said...

I feel pretty warm. It's going to get to the high 70's this weekend. I know, don't hate me.

Diana said...