February 04, 2010


Do you ever wonder sometimes about how you see the world? What is it about me that makes the world seem different for me than for you.

Maybe it's the things I like that change my view. TV shows, hot summer days, beaches, talks with friends, flip-flops, warm boots, family, hugs, the smell of spring, chocolate chip cookies, photographs, art, tall ships. All those random things that make me...me.

Or maybe it's the things I don't like....cold weather, saying goodbye, potatoes, parties with unknown people, lifetime movies, selfishness, long distances between family and friends, gravy, an overly busy schedule, small talk, being tired, clutter, taking out the trash.

These things are just a small part of my world. But they affect the world I see. They affect the world I want to be involved in. They affect how I interact with the world spinning around me.

I used to think about this often in college. I went a relatively large Christian university after attending an extremely small high school. I used to wonder at the fact that "my Liberty" was different than the Liberty that people I didn't know were experiencing. They didn't have my friends or stay in my dorm or take my classes, so their "world" was different.

And on top of all that, I'm loved by a God who loves each and every one of those individual people on the planet in the way they need it. He loves me and speaks to me in a way He doesn't with other people. He meets us in our own "world."

Miracle? Absolutely.

In other news.....
1. I'm learning a lot from this series even though I'm not married.
2. This made me laugh and laugh. (Thanks, Chaych!)
3. We are supposed to get 16-24 inches of snow tomorrow/Saturday. This is our 3rd snowstorm this week. I'm sick of snow.
4. I like this song....and Jared Leto. Darn brother got to see a free concert of his when I was at Sundance. Missed it cause I was in a movie. Curses.

How's that for a random post? Eh?

Be back tomorrow if I'm not buried alive in white, fluffy snow. It's going to be a LONG weekend....

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Allison Drew said...

A few things...
1. Great post! Thank you for that.
2. You went to Liberty?! I've had several friends go there.
3. 16-24 inches of snow?! Um, I don't I would survive.