February 11, 2010


I know you are all tired of hearing about our blizzard(s). I know this because I sure am. And I'm living it...in the moment...every second. Done, done, done-done-done.

So, I will post about something else. Yes, I will turn my back on the piles (mountains) of snow that are covering my yard and think of fun things. Those blizzard photos can come later.

Here, instead are some things I found online lately....

I love this artwork I found on the Olympics official website. And can we just talk about the Olympics for a second....I'm ecstatic! I'm not a big sports person, but I can watch the Olympics morning, noon and night. There is something about competing nations in events like snowboarding, ice skating, bobsledding, and alpine skiing (to name a few) that I am unable to say no to. The summer Olympics is my fave, but the winter will do just fine!


I wish I was at Canon Beach right now. (clicking heels 3 times....) Oh, how I love that beautiful place.


That red polka dot dress. I have a weakness for polka dots. And cute red clutches.


Found this song on Tara Whitney's blog this week. Been humming the chorus over and over.

5. Listography. Found by way of one of my all time fave blogs Hula Seventy. I love her idea of 52 lists.

6. The story of Charlie and the mouse (#5 on the list) on Pioneer Woman. I keep laughing every time I think about it.

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Allison Drew said...

I LOVE the olympics so much! I saww the torch when they were in Atlanta and since then I've been hooked.