February 18, 2010


The Olympics are getting the best of me. Each night I say that I'll get to bed before midnight. Each night I fail miserably. They suck me in and I can't turn it off.

Last night was pretty amazing, wasn't it?! Joy-filled and exciting!

This was my favorite moment. I am in awe of what this kid can do.

Tonight, it's more figure skating. I already know I'll be struggling to keep my eyes open because I was shoveling snow for a few hours today. I'm worn out.

But once it's starts, I'll be unable to give in to sleep until I know who won the men's ice skating medals.

And how cute are Peggy Flemming's skating outfits! I wish that girls still wore ones like these.

***** in other news....I may get to park my car at my house this weekend. This is excellent news because for the last 2 weeks, I've been following a LONG ice path to my car. It's not fun. I fall often. Did I mention that I'm done with winter?!!

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tp said...

I LOVED watching Lindsey Vonn scream and laugh and cry when she won.
I am also very excited about skating, or as I like to say- dancing on ice. eeee! Can you imagine if the Rockettes strapped on ice-skates!?