November 14, 2007

And I thought I could multi-task

Watching my recent season 2 purchase. The writing is at it's peak. The actors sparkle and shine in their roles. And, again, I am reminded why Bradley Whitford is one of my favorite actors of all time.

Still have my CD on repeat. All day. I couldn't even open the brand new Season 1 soundtrack because 3 is just that good. I just keep hearing parts that make me close my eyes and enjoy the moment. Does anyone else think violins make the most perfect sounds in the world?

And 3 cheers for an entire day without Advil Cold & Sinus!!!! I feel human again! Hip, hip, hooray!

1 comment:

jessica said...

Yeah! That sounds like so much fun! We should definitely meet up :) Do you know the dates yet? I'm off Sundays & Mondays or after 7 other nights.