November 25, 2007

Josh sings

My love of Josh Groban goes way beyond this CD, which will become a Christmas staple for years to come. It started back in 2001 when I heard this guy singing on a promotional video for Best Buy in one of their stores. The song was "To Where You Are" from his first, self-titled CD. No one knew who he was back them. Me, being one of those people. The song gave me chills and his voice stuck with me. I bought the CD a couple days later.
Then, I heard In Concert the next year, and I knew. His voice is almost ridiculous in the fact that it is so good. That CD remains one of my favorites. (my brother bought me the DVD a couple years ago and it's one of the only live music performances I will watch on TV. Usually I hate them, but this gets me every time.)
When Closer came out, I ran to the stores on release day and that CD didn't leave my player for months. It is one of my top 5 favorite CD's of all time. Almost every song is a favorite, but #10 deserves repeat at least 2 or 3 times during each full listen thru.
He did his first US tour after Closer came out. I desperately wanted to go. DESPERATELY. The tickets sold out in about an hour, so I figured my chance was gone. On a whim, I went on ebay to see if anyone was selling theirs at a somewhat reasonable price. I couldn't believe it when I found 2 tickets for $100 each (some people paid up to $500 for one ticket). I grabbed them and invited a friend, who loved him as much as I did to come along.
The concert was in the city that my sister was living at the time. We went up a day early and stayed with her. The morning of the concert, we woke up giddy with excitement for the wonder that was coming that night. We listened to his CD all day in anticipation. We shopped during the day, willing the hours to go by quickly. Finally, we couldn't wait anymore, got in the car and headed to the arena. It was downtown in a city that neither of us were familiar with, so we left a little early knowing we may get turned around or a little lost. After a couple turn arounds, we finally found the street that it was on and could see the building in the distance. Even now, typing this, my heart beats a little faster thinking about how excited I was. I think I screamed "there it is! Now we just need a parking spot!"
We pulled up to the front of the arena, looking for a parking sign. I could see his name in big bold black letters: JOSH GROBAN CONCERT. When I read the next word, I screamed again. CANCELED. What?!! No...wait...WHAT?!!! I had read it right. I asked my friend to verify that I read it correctly and she groaned and mumbled yes. CANCELED. Big, bold letters again. We verified it with the arena staff just to be sure.
It was one of the greatest disappointments of my simple, little life. I had been so excited for this, anticipated it for months, dreamed about it and now...nothing. We drove home that night in the rain, calling everyone that we could think of to tell the horrible disappointment that had befallen us. Even now, when I listen to "Remember When It Rained" I'm back in that car with the windshield wipers swishing in the rain, and both of us glumly looking out of the rain splattered windows in disbelief. of my JG tangent. This CD is delightful. A wonderful Christmas CD. His voice is just a magical as ever. Even if it will always hold a hint of disappointment for me...


jessica said...

My sister is dying for this cd! We listened to it the other night on Rhapdody and it was great. I love it when you find the perfect Christmas cd... yeah :)

Gina said...

Oh. That is one of the saddest stories I've heard. I can totally sympathize. I'm sorry. I hope you get the opportunity again some day.