November 11, 2007


My eyes are still burning. My nose is still running. My throat is still dry and annoying. And I think I may have a hint of a fever. Yes, ladies and gentleman, I'm still sick.
What have I done with myself the last 2 days....well, I've still been out and about cause life can't stop even if you're sick. Went to lunch with my parents cause they were in my neck of the woods yesterday. Mailed off my passport to be renewed cause it will probably take months and months to get it back. Went to church this morning with the bro. Went to Best Buy, cause it's on the way home from church and it's our "thing to do" on Sundays. (I did buy seasons two and three of West Wing cause they were dirt cheap, and I love me some West Wing.) I must say that I am very glad he's home, even if he was only gone for 4 days. I missed him so much!
I've also been on the desktop proofing some pics. I've been morning my loss of Twilight books to read. Listening to Harry Potter #3 on CD (Jim Dale is amazing). Taking naps. Talking to friends (both of my bestest college friends in the same day! magic!). Planning a trip to the west coast in the spring (oh my gosh, I can't wait, can't wait to see them! I love that when I asked her how long I should come for she said 5 months. I MISS her SO MUCH!) Eating. Grocery shopping at Trader Joe's (i "heart" that place). Reading blogs. Getting lost in Flickr world. Planning Christmas presents.
Yup, that's my exciting weekend. I'm so bummed that I felt too awful to take some pictures cause the leaves are at their peak right now. And it's weird, but I feel really thankful to be sick. It makes me appreciate my health so much.
Please tell me that you had a much more exciting weekend than I did....

***this is my phone's screensaver. Took this on my phone at one of my favorite places in the world. Cannon Beach, OR. I love seeing Haystack every time I open my phone.

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Neal said...


I cannot believe it has taken me this long to start reading your blog (actually, I can - you know me and computers). I really enjoy getting to know you even better. You are VERY talented in many ways that I already know and MANY more that I am just now learning!
Thanks for posting this stuff - I love it. - Neal