November 27, 2007


Remember this? Tomorrow it's getting a much needed face lift. New walls, new sink, new faucet. So exciting!

I am just in awe of this guy's photos today. You have to look at all the pictures titled dfl collection. They are unbelievable. Isn't the dress the model is wearing in the shopping cart to die for?! And the one with the tulle? And this skirt! I love the mood that his photos have. I'm so jealous of his talent!

Been listening to Adventure in Odyssey since I heard this on Focus. I admit that I cried. I have so many memories of Odyssey as a child. It was so cool to hear that other people do too.

I'm getting super excited for Disney. I can't wait to ride Peter Pan. And I hear they changed Pirates of the Caribbean (we got stuck on this ride for about an hour one time. We were in the boat at the part where the "cannon balls" were slashing all around us. Robotic pirates on repeat for a hour. Now that's a good time.).

Really need to finish my Christmas shopping.

The Word has been alive lately. Isn't that the best?! When you feel like everything you read is directly from God for you. I love times like this!

And one more of these. There are so many that I love. The light was so perfect that day.


Anonymous said...

look at those little chunky legs. I love 'em. Thanks for working on them. They are beautiful!!!


jessica said...

Thanks for the prayer :) I really appreciate it!

When does your summer start? My AmeriCorps commitment ends July 21st. That would be such a blast!!!