November 24, 2007

Razor, Razor, cut, cut, cut...

When I did Sweeney Todd (props backstage) my junior year of college, that line got stuck in my head. I still say it sometimes. Weird.
The reason it re-surfaced today? Well, it's the premier of RAZOR, the brand spankin' new Battlestar Galactica mini-series on Sci Fi tonight. I was lucky enough to get an advance screening and let me tell you it's fantastic. It did what it was supposed to do...left me wanting more. But, alas, Sci Fi has decreed that I must wait until April of 2008. Sheeesh.
It's almost comical how sad (most of) the rest of TV compares with the writing on this show. BSG doesn't believe it's viewers are stupid. It weaves the fantastic (spaceships, robots) with the mundane (a game of poker, a drink of water) and the relevant (war, population control). It's characters are 3 dimensional and flawed.
Razor was a delicious appetizer for the 4th and final season to come. And I think I may just have to watch it again tonight because it was just that good...

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