November 04, 2007

Lovely Sunday

Such a lovely day today.

Went to church. Great praise and worship. Humbling message.

Then off to the mall. A HUGE new wing opened. H&M. Pottery Barn. Sephora. Janie and Jack. So very dangerous!

Back home to read. I'm trying to read slowly to enjoy the last book. Girls, it's so delightfully good!

Then, off to do another photo session. Trash the dress. My first time doing one of these. It was so*much*fun! I can't believe that my friends keep asking me to do this (take pictures). I'm so honored.

Then home to laze about and watch one of my favorite movies. Don't you always want to go to Austria after watching this? I have so many favorite scenes. I think I want to throw a movie sing-a-long party. Watch and sing. I can't help but do it when I watch. Why not have everyone else over to do the same?!!

Then off to a new restaurant to celebrate a friend's birthday. And laugh. There is always laughter with my camp friends/co-workers.

And finally back home to watch some more of the movie and then post for all of you.

And so, goodnight....


jessica said...

wow. those pictures are very good! what exactly is a "trash the dress" session? looks like fun!

Gina said...

I was wondering the same thing and was the any special occasion for the S and R pics. Love them. My blog is back by the way. Not exciting but back all the same.