November 07, 2007


I found this site yesterday by way of another blog friend and links on her page. The Sartorialist. So addicting! No, make that very, very addicting.
Fashion intrigues me. It's like walking artwork. I claim no knowledge on the fashion front. Mine is severely lacking to say the least. Dull and boring is more like it. I'm am in awe of people who can throw an outfit together with whatever is in their closet. Not to mention actually pick things out at the store (or even better thrift stores) that seem completely illogical to me, yet look fantastic when paired with other elements.
And then there is all those crazy people on Project Runway who make clothes out of a pile of nothing. Anyone else super excited for season 4 to start?!! Re-runs of previous seasons are showing now on Bravo. Check it out if you've never seen it. And this coming from someone who hates reality TV.
Anyway, back to The Sartorialist, I love how the pictures are of normal people on the streets, not fashion models. I have to admit that I stare at what other people wear. It fascinates me. It's an outward extension of their personality. Now, yes, I'm sure money does come into play, but not always. Example on his website is her. LOVE this outfit. LOVE his description. This one too, but I'm pretty sure it's a bit more expensive.

My fashion heroes:
Elsie. Her style is exactly what I would want to copy. If that was even possible. She mixes old with new perfectly. Check out more here.
Leah. (you know I would hire you as my personal stylist if I ever became wealthy.)
Sienna Miller. I always picked her out of fashion magazines even before I knew who she was. Love her random picks and Boho syle.
Gwyneth Paltrow. Classic.

Now after thinking about this all day, I want you to also know that I also know how silly and superficial it all is as well. I know that God doesn't care what we wear. I also know He want us to spend our money wisely (example: $300 purse - not wise. thrifted clothes - much better choice). It's a struggle at times. I purposely don't spend a lot of money on clothes because I feel guilty that I could have used it for more Kingdom-minded things. But it is fun to dream and look.

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